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Inge sighed deeply and left this world on May 8, 2020. She was 84. She was married to Des from 1962 to 2018.

                    It is safe to say that she would not endanger the people she cared for by asking them to gather in these days. Yet her life is as worthy as any of celebration. It was a good one - not easy, but good. So, this is a memorial website to celebrate the life and times of Inge Anna Brown, (Inge Anna Rogge). Take off your shoes and pour a glass of wine. Put on a nice symphony and remember Inge with the help of these stories and pictures.

Thanks to everyone who so kindly supplied stories and photographs. Inge would be so grateful that you would take the time.

the smile that says "I beat cancer!!"

You may remember Inge...
You may remember Inge sashaying down the echoey halls of the English Department - smart suit, 3" amalfis tapping on the shiny stone, nails perfectly polished in oxblood red - like she owned the place. And Des always said that she did, or ran it... either way.  You might recall her long legs crossed elegantly to the left, her carefully sculpted hair, deep thoughtful grey eyes and radiant smile - maybe even the cheeky one.

You may remember her raising a glass of chilled German white at her dining table, or yours, over many a fine repast, toasting friends and family and the times of our lives... graduations, convocations, birthdays, weddings, Christmases and new jobs... Beating cancer (twice), traveling home to Germany and to great adventures around the globe, welcoming cherished friends from long ago and far away as well as beloved colleagues and neighbours.








Please make any donations to the Cross Cancer Clinic in Edmonton where Inge worked as a volunteer with newly diagnosed patients after she crushed breast cancer.

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The stories on this website were compiled from old documents and memory, both eminently fallible. If you have a correction, better version, photos, documents or other stories please share using the guest book on this site or email to 


This website is intentionally private and copyrighted. It is intended only for people who knew and cared about Inge. Please respect her privacy.

Copy in whole or part is unlawful.



oh so Inge
witticisms and aphorisms of Inge's beloved Jane Austen

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